Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Diamonds are priceless and are valued much for their worth and excellence Loose diamonds are available in a variety of shapes. Whichever shaped diamond you buy it is very significant that the diamond be certified by an independent gemological laboratory like the International Gemological Institute (IGI), Gemological Institute of America (GIA); the American Gem Society (AGS); the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) and GemEx Systems. Respected grading labs to not sell diamonds since that would be a conflict of interest.

While buying diamonds, certification is a prerequisite and the name of the laboratory that examined your precious stone is extremely important. Although these stones look the same on the surface they may not be of the same quality. The certification is a written proof of the quality and attributes of the diamond. Without certification, there is no assurance that the diamond you are buying is of the quality you’re paying for.

From the prospect of investment also the diamond certification is very important. Your diamond will be easier to sell if it is properly certified. Uncertified diamonds can be certified by sending them to an independent gemological laboratory for examination. In case you loose your “diamond report” you can always get a copy of your certification from the gemological laboratory where you had it examined. It is the pedigree that goes with the diamond and becomes a valuable document in case of loss because it will ensure that your insurance company will replace your stone with another certified stone of same quality. Certificates are not appraisals since they do not contain any information regarding the value or price of a diamond.

One of the important advantages of getting your diamond certified is that you will know the precise grading of yours stone’s precious 4Cs i.e. carat, weight, cut, color and clarity. Your diamond certification also arms you with the information you need to assess your precious stone’s fair market value. Another thing your certificate empowers you to do is to make an intelligent comparison with other diamonds – in the same jewelry store or in another. Thus it is always in the favor of the buyer to get their diamonds certified.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diamonds for Mom

Are you planning to gift your mom, but not able to decide what to gift? One of the numerous suggestions includes diamonds. As known by all, diamonds are the best friend of a girl; your mom may also get delighted with this sparkling stone.

So if you have decided on buying diamond or diamond related stuff for your mom, you can consider diamond jewelry or even loose diamonds.

Loose Diamond

A loose diamond can be preferred if you are unsure about your mom’s choice of jewelry or unable to decide on its design. Also if you are thinking of personalized or customized diamond jewelry, then a loose diamond will be the first step of your gift searching process. Before buying a diamond, you have to decide on its features including the four Cs, certification, shape etc. Deciding the diamond shape without the jewelry setting in hand can be a dilemmatic phase. The most ideal and traditional shape is the round brilliant cut. Other unusual yet unique shapes include marquise, emerald and other cuts. Princess cut diamonds have been in demand by women recently because of its brilliance and distinctive shape.

Diamond Stud Earring

Diamond studded earrings are liked by women because they are considered as timeless and classic. The most practical and significant fact about such earrings are that they go with any outfit, accessories or hairstyle. In such earrings the whole beauty of the jewelry lies in the stone. Metals preferred for this jewelry piece are white gold, yellow gold or platinum, although platinum is the best choice.

Solitaire Diamonds Pendant

Like stud earrings, in solitaire diamond pendants, the diamond take away all the appreciation. Its beauty is highlighted with the help of prong setting. This ageless jewelry brings about the natural splendor of the wearer with its sparkle. If paired with diamond stud earrings, this pendant will create a simple yet lavish look for a woman.

Although an expensive selection, diamonds can help you express your love for your mother in a unique way.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diamonds for Men

Diamonds makes a person feel special simply by wearing it, be it a man or woman. Yes, diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend but a companion for a guy too! In fact, they were originally meant for men in the ancient times when kings and emperors considered them as sign of royalty.

Men’s Diamond Engagement Ring

Nowadays men’s diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. Prong set rings have feminine trait in them and hence are not preferred by men. Instead men’s rings usually consist of bezel set or channel set diamonds, since these settings hold the stone with a better grip.

Diamond shapes for Men

The diamond shapes usually preferred by men are round and princess cut. Men’s jewelry is thick shaped with which round shaped and princess cut diamonds go well. Other shapes like heart, marquise etc which are considered as fancy cut ones are ideal for woman's rings.

Preferred Diamond Color

Men typically choose white colored diamonds as they are the simplest ones. Fancy colored ones are the fortune of woman’s rings.

Diamonds have to be carefully looked after. And mens jewelry is meant to be tough in terms of quality. Hence men generally fear to have diamonds in their jewelry. But this stone can be best option for men who love to accessorize.

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